Are you Lucky?

With all the rape stories on Twitter since the beginning of the week, I had wanted to log out at a point and really stop opening Twitter because these stories are sad ones and nobody deserves to go through that.

It’s almost normal to know at least one person that has been assaulted, the bad thing is now that we know a lot and it makes the world feel unsafe for females. (The world is unsafe already)

I engaged my mum in a talk surrounding the topic and she shared a story of how a man did that to several girls while she was growing up and she was 'Lucky' enough to not be 'kidnapped' by this man and be raped.

The real question was, Was she lucky? Yes, at that point it felt like it. She’s the only one among her peers that didn’t get to have this 'sex' with an old man who couldn’t control his high Libido. Until we proceeded further and she said he trailed her one night and only her screams of ‘kidnapper!’ attracted people and she had to run away.

Are we really lucky because we are/were not assaulted?

We aren’t.

We define luck by the fact that the worst did not happen to us.

But is living in a world full with rapists and sexual assaulters not part of the worst things to happen?

The fact that you’re unable to trust being around another gender because of the insecurities that abound and the stories you’ve heard and has been shared.

Am I lucky?

I’m not. I suffer assault several ways, I’m scared to go out at night. I have to wear long skirts and dresses so I don’t 'entice' or seduce them. I get touched unruly when I pass by the street.

Are you Lucky?

You’re not. You’ve not been able to take away of the fear being with male around you. You find it hard to trust. You can’t sit comfortably in a man’s house. You’ve been taught not to go alone to the house of the opposite sex. You get body shamed for having big breasts and also get body shamed for having the smaller sizes. You aren’t lucky.

We are not lucky.


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