Extend Grace but to Yourself too

Today, I’m particular about myself. It might seem selfish but where do we draw the line between selfishness and self care?

Today, I’m particular about you too. You’ve beat yourself up so much that while you try to play the love card with others, you forget yourself.

I forget myself too. I try to show up for others and forget that I have myself to show up for. But these last few months failed me, I struggled with showing up for others and because I usually forget to show up for me, I couldn’t do same for me.

Love Your Neighbor..

This is a cover up card. Love your neighbor, but as yourself. How would you give what you don’t have? Why are you lacking in love for yourself and expect to give out love in full for others?

Extending Grace
If you will forgive people, you can forgive yourself. Take it easy. You’re hurt, I know. It feels like this part of your past has haunted you for a long time and you can’t bring yourself to face the reality of it. There’s grace for you. The father who giveth it has given it unto us richly. So there’s enough for you to have and enough for you to extend.

Final Note

I think you are doing great you don’t just see it. Grace is the answer to the defeat you feel. And that’s how God sees you, full of grace for you and others, He knows how we feel and how we beat up ourselves. He sees you as worthy. He sees you as beloved. You don’t need to see yourself less of that.



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