Let this be your guide

Victoria Oladipo
3 min readMar 14, 2023

A love letter for single people.

Image from Pexels

Happy Valentine’s Day,

It’s okay that you do not have your own person, even though many of us crave it. However, you are not less human because you are single; you no kill anybody.

Today, I’ve decided to make a guide letter instead. Hold it like you will hold any book or any letter you’ve received. Also, understand that I’m no love expert; I’ve had bad times doing the love thing, and I’ve also had good times. Let this be your reminder; let this be a reminder that even if I don’t write to you next year, or you don’t get to be among the people who will receive this mail, you stayed true to yourself, and you found the love of your life.

You are complete in yourself. You do not require anyone to complete you. You are that person. You are whole as you are. You are beautiful as you are. The right person for you will choose you just as you are. You are not obligated to break simply because you chose to love. You are you!

Compromises are okay. There are things you can bring to the table for negotiation. You are not really a bad person because you decided to compromise. As long as it isn’t taking you for granted. It’s okay to make compromises for people you love.

Love will want you to grow. There is no type of love that looks at you as a subject. What love requires of you is your growth. Love isn’t jealous. It is good that you are progressing even when they are not.

The kind of love you deserve will hear you. There is a thing where you can be somewhere and not be heard, but the kind of love that is befitting of you will hear you. They will listen. You are not shouting, and you are not nagging either. You are entitled to and should be heard.

There is more to love than being a sex tool. I know the amount of pleasure that sex can bring. It’s possible that the pleasure of sex can make you forget bad behavior. But you deserve to be seen as a human being rather than a pleasure object.

You are deserving of love. You can be so single that you think maybe you are not deserving of it. From personal experience, I’ve felt that way before. But your single status right now is not all that defines you. Your story will soon change.

There is love at home. There is love at home. Nobody should treat you like a trash can. Remember this email when you feel like you have nowhere else to turn for love. Remember this letter. Remember that the writer of this letter loves you. There is definitely love in these words.