Name your scars

Victoria Oladipo
2 min readSep 7, 2023

Picture from Pinterest

It was Lecrae that talked about naming scars and how it serves as a reminder that scars can heal. Yesterday, I added another scar to the list of scars I have on my body. But this time, it was on my face.

This is not the first scar on my face. There’s a scar that was gotten when I was in secondary school. My head was hit at the edge of our fridge for a disobedient outburst, I went to school with my uniform soaked with blood. Growing up, a lot of people started asking me if it was a birthmark because the position of the scar was exactly where a certain tribe in Nigeria had their marks.

I also have scars based from a travel adventure with an ex. I got burnt by a motorcycle’s exhaust. I hated that particular scar because it reminds of me emotions invested and stories I don’t like. This scar is on my right leg. I have a replica on my left leg caused by an adventure as a child.

The most recent one was caused by a splash of hot oil on my face. I’ve touched my face several times to see the extent to which I was burnt. And I. just concluded talking about make-up for my upcoming convocation and this new scar just made me feel some way at first.

But I know wounds can heal. The wounds I had have healed causing the various scars on my body now. Scars serve as a reminder of pains and maybe blood, but the length of time it took each of the wounds to heal differ.

I’ve told myself that this wound will heal and I won’t be ashamed of the scar as much as I want to carry my beautiful face around.

New wounds create new scars. They serve as a reminder that healing happens but it’s not linear.