Planning for a new year?

Victoria Oladipo
3 min readNov 29, 2023


..for the ones who cannot afford to pay for their visions.

It’s getting closer to the end of the year again. If there’s anything I’ve seen in my twenty-five years of living is that people keep capitalising on the failure of people to want to do things themselves.

And it’s not a bad thing, people are lazy and people would pay good money to have someone structure their life’s template for them.

I too would, if I was rich enough.

As the year wraps up, many people are already making goals for the next year and some are probably shifting the unachievables to another year. The year has not ended until it ends sha.

People are also planning and paying for that masterclass that will help their visions, or that vision boarding class and you can start feeling FOMO for being unable to afford to pay someone to teach you how to figure out your life. That’s why I’m writing this. So you don’t think your being unable to achieve your goals is tied to you paying for these classes.

I’ve paid once before. I might still pay in the future if what is currently working for me stops working.

Learn that Patience is Key

Unfortunately, because of the euphoria of a new year, we tend to set unrealistic goals. We want our lives to be other people’s testimonies not knowing the amount of work that has gone into them building their lives. While you might want to set those goals that will take you from 0 to 360, learn that you will have a lot of patience to get to where you are going to and you might not achieve all your goals for the year in a year.

Focus on one thing

If you can, divide all the aspects of your life that you want growth on. Focus on just one thing in each aspect, and thrive for balance. For example, if in your career, what will take you to the next stage will be certificate courses or getting an internship, focus on doing just that. This does not mean other things will not come along the way, they will come. But choosing one thing will help not to divert your attention to the many things that are unachievable. Do something you can easily achieve.

Manage your relationship with rejection

This is something that nobody prepares you for. You can be the most qualified for something and you’re sure you would get it and still not get it. Rejection is an aspect of living and achieving. They will come except you’re a trustfund kid whose father has a company that you can work in. If you’re not, I’m sorry, this is generally how we navigate life and career.

Take breaks

Everybody now talks about taking breaks. It’s not a lie. Take as many breaks as you can get. Life goes on but you should learn to pause in life too. Inhale nature. Exhale peace. Travel. Don’t work. Take a leave.

Finally, include it in your resolution