The Power in Your Vulnerability

I stumbled on a tweet and it read;

There is great power in vulnerability. From a fear-based perspective, it will seem like a paradox. However, the moment you drop your walls/defenses, your life in the present begins.

Since vulnerability is seen in the world as a weakness, there seems to be an absolute power in vulnerability with which people do not agree. We have been breached by so much, unworkable relationships, childhood traumas, shame, feelings of disconnection or hurt, and we feel weak. Sometimes, because we are triggered by the present circumstances, we have no voices to talk about certain problems. Obviously we are shaping these things and trying to make our past a reality.

Brené Brown described vulnerable people as whole hearted people. They have learnt to embrace themselves first, have compassion and courage to themselves before they can extend it out to others. They also have learnt the willingness to do something and invest in things even when there’s no guarantee.

“Vulnerability sounds like truth and feels like courage. Truth and courage aren’t always comfortable, but they’re never weakness.” — Brene Brown

To be vulnerable is not comfort. It’s the ability to find strength in the uncomfortable is what makes it your total power.

Mark Manson described vulnerability as the ability to consciously choose not to hide your emotions or desires from others. He also described it to be the little things, like complimenting someone, establishing boundaries or expressing your love to someone. As simple as reading this may seem, know that it’s a very tough thing to do.

But the key to true vulnerability is that you are willing to accept the consequences no matter what. — Mark Manson

Vulnerable people know that vulnerability is very risky. It’s a game of chance because you’re sticking out your neck emotionally in a way. It’s a game of chance, the feedback might not be as you expect but they know this and still voice out their feelings and desires.

For me,the ultimate thing about vulnerability is accountability. In accountability, it requires that you genuinely take responsibility for your wrong actions, not blaming others for you mistakes, admitting that you don’t know something, honestly telling people how they’ve hurt you or how offended you are about something, appreciating and admiring people without any bias.

‘You may not be to blame for your current shitty situation, but stepping up and saying that you’re going to take care of it is a fucking power move. A power move.’ — An excerpt from The Subtle Act of Giving A F*ck.

As a very vulnerable person, I’ve realized that although our world can have good faces, not everybody has good hearts. I could be drawn to bottle my emotions sometimes. What if this is used later on against me? The question is always? . It’s not my fault I have owned my emotions, I am a better and stronger person. I always know.



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