There are No Perfect Persons

Once I had had the belief that it is very possible to be perfect but I have now believed that you only meet perfection in death.

Humans are very flawed people and expecting perfection from them is clowning yourself. One easy way is to believe that if you can forgive yourself for making obvious mistakes, you can forgive people too.

Building relationships that require consistent human interactions will increase the rate at which people step on your toes. The major trait is that everyone involved needs to be ready to learn new behaviors and unlearn what they have learned. Life is too hard to be bothered about how humans should reach 100 percent perfection.

Perfection is a goal that will forever remain impossible for any human being to achieve. Therefore, the only achievable goal is to become the possible best you can be. — Edmond Mbiaka

People deserve grace to learn. We didn’t become who we are in a short while. It was a growth process. Rome was not built in a day but people already set blocks for it every day. Set the blocks for people to learn, teach them and interact politely with them.

People would say things wrongly, they would make mistakes, they might also be adamant about corrections, which is essential for them to be able to learn and unlearn and remain teachable.

Living is learning and learning doesn’t end till death. Which shows that people can grow to be better (or even worse). What we should never strip people off is a chance to learn and know better.

Help them recognize their flaws. Teach them to be accountable for their actions. Encourage them when they get better. Use encouraging words. Help people’s growth process.

For there are no perfect persons.



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