Victoria Oladipo
2 min readFeb 23, 2023

21/02/2023 5:36pm

One of the favorite things to do is to excite myself about my birthday. It might meaning nothing, and it’s just a day. It’s not just like that to me. I am always scared of the possible things that can go wrong before the day or on the day. If it happens, I’ve excited myself so much that the excitement can cover the disappointments I might later meet.

I saw it somewhere that on your birthdays, you are celebrating the age you just finished. And that’s why my twenty fourth year on earth was not even as bad as I thought it would be. If you read my last birthday article, I wrote about how I was dreaming again. It is no new thing to dream, but it’s a big deal to push yourself further to get something you want. I’m still dreaming. I’m making steps. It’s probably in the right direction.

Sometimes, I’m grateful for how much less anxious I’ve become for things that might not go the way I want it. Maybe I used to sit down with my pain for a long time in the past, but I do not have time to sit with them anymore. It’s hard because by the time you start processing the pains, you will really realize that you should give things time to process them.

In and out of love, here and there, but the past year has shown me that there are perfect people, but you might not be for them. And the ability to let people go, irrespective of how you feel concerning them, is something wise people do. The past year brought me to the point of learning to let people go. It’s okay.

Medium has been my safe space to write, but I decided to take it a bit higher and pitch my works to magazines. I recently got published in The Republic and Sisterlyhq and looking to get more of my work out there. I have ideas to pitch, but I do not not have the time to write many things that is beyond my thesis.

My faith has grown. Gosh. It has. I do not know how to explain it. But I’m navigating it better now.

Hoping that this new year is coming with plenty blessings. Happy Birthday to me. It’s #Kintans24th for your wishes on twitter.

The End.